TB: Black Lives do Matter!

Twitter has become a platform for the young generation to freely discuss the issues occurring globally. This social networking site is their voice. They are screaming for justice towards their race. It has come to our attention that numerous adolescents, wait no sorry, numerous ‘young black people’ have lost their lives in the hands of the law enforcement agency, the police. Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Ezell Ford just to name a few. The loss of these precious lives have been aired continuously on our televisions for the last couple months. The media is using these events as an opportunity to portray ‘black men’ in a stereotypical manner. Society views black people as a race that is involved with urban crimes, substance abuse and aggression. But do you know what I see? A passionate, bruised, emotional race that craves equality and not alienation. We are all equals. You cannot look me in the eye and disagree with this statement. We may look, act and dress differently but we are after all Gods children with the purest hearts.

The purpose behind having law enforcement agencies is for safety. The police has been created in order to protect the civilians from any harm, NOT HARM US YOURSELVES. I understand that being a police officer requires being constantly tested by the public. On the contrary, by choosing to be part of this agency, a vow had to be made. A vow that should have been taken seriously and not ridiculed. Therefore to hear mothers are constantly losing their children is insulting. Videos of some of these heartbreaking events have circulated all over the internet. One of the first videos that went global was the arrest of Eric Garner. During this short clip, we hear the victim rant on about not being able to breathe. ‘I can’t breathe’ Eric Garner stated. Normally, you’d think the so called police officers will sympathise towards Mr Garner but no, they continued to make the arrest and ignored the mans cries.

Supporting the plead to end this suffering, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was created on Twitter and has since went viral. Personally, it is important to know that this post isn’t about slandering the police officers but about making others aware that we do in fact matter. We have come such a long way in society. The black race has overcome slavery, brutal racism, judgements to the point where there is now a black president Barack Obama. So yes, I do believe #BlackLivesMatter.

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