Chrissy Teigen Pregnancy Style!

Ever since Chrissy Teigen announced she was indeed expecting her first child with John Legend, I was automatically excited for them! I always believed both Chrissy and John Legend were one of the cutest famous couples so imagine just how beautiful their baby girl will be. Over the recent months, the model revealed her struggles of not be able to conceive a child  and indeed resulted in doing IVF. Of course many had their opinions on this matter but nothing else matters than their happiness right?

Therefore to hear this news, I was personally excited for the two of them. One of the main things I was truly looking forward to was the many ways Chrissy would style her pregnancy bump. We have seen numerous celebrities receive backlash on their choice of outfits or even the possibility of finding better garments that will proudly reveal their baby bump. A celebrity that was commonly recognised for not acknowledging her pregnancy style was the infamous Kim Kardashian when pregnant with her first child. We witnessed Kim experiment with different looks throughout her pregnancy which was constantly critiqued, however she later recognised what worked with her body when pregnant with Saint West.

Although it took a while for the Kardashian star to find her pregnancy style, Chrissy Teigen was automatically successful with her choice of outfits. I was extremely excited to witness how the model would dress her baby bump but it seems that she took some notes from the Kardashian reality star herself. Chrissy Teigen has been spotted sporting stretchy fabrics to reveal her pregnancy body and bump from midi dresses to a one shoulder maxi dress. Throughout this pregnancy, Teigen has kept her look very natural which enabled all the attention to be on her bump.

The wife of John Legend is portraying just how sexy pregnancies are as she continues to slay with her man on her side. 


This sheer outfit gives me life!



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