Let’s Talk: University

Before coming to University, I had my own interpretation of what it may be like and the type of people that I was most likely to meet but after a year, my perception of university changed. At first, it was intriguing to be able to socialise with people from different cities, areas, interests, make new friends and try to experience new things. I was never the type of girl that constantly attended raves, therefore, I was a bit excited to experience this type of lifestyle and freedom. The clubbing scene at first was refreshing and intriguing but that all changed the more I attended these events. I finally realised that clubbing just wasn’t for me. Every event was a repeat of the other with the same music, people and DJs. I eventually stopped going as often as before. However, this wasn’t all I acknowledged about myself.

During this realisation, I was able to acknowledge how anti-social I really am. Socialising with others was never the main priority for me as I like to keep myself to myself, which can be viewed as both a positive and negative habit. Positive for the reason that I remained a very private person, however, negative as it allowed others to create their own perceptions of me and prevented the act of networking. Due to this realisation, I chose to become more sociable and open to meeting new people again. Friendships were lost and gained within this period of time. People decided to act up for no reason as if they were in the right which is something I cannot tolerate. I came to the conclusion that University is fundamentally based on image. People create their own perceptions of you especially if you keep yourself to yourself, without any knowledge of who you really are. University I believe is a messy experience.

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