The Evolution of Puma

Puma has strategically made a comeback in the hearts of the people and the streets, utilising their knowledge on the latest trends and public interests to their benefits. With fashion currently inspired by comfortability and practicality, Puma creatively designed a tracksuit that became recognised by most young adults, becoming the garment all is required to purchase. This tracksuit permitted the public to acknowledge Puma as a competitive brand.


Even more, Puma witnessed a growth in their recent sales due to the collaboration with singer and fashion icon Rihanna. Rihanna is acknowledged as one of the most influential women of this generation, with females wanting to be her and men wanting a girl like her. The collaboration between the two enabled Rihanna to have an input in every creative aspect of the collection, creating what is recognised as a collection for this generation. Puma’s sales reportedly increased by 3.7%, footwear being the dominant growth driver. In 2014, Rihanna became creative director for Puma, evidently influencing the sales growth.

images-1.jpg     imgres-2.jpg     PUMA-Rihanna-Creeper-2-lo-820x577.jpgrs_634x951-151119082013-634.Rihanna-Puma.jl.111915.jpg

Nonetheless, Puma remains joining forces with influential idols in today’s generation by working with the youngest daughter of Kris Kardashian, Miss Kylie Jenner. The reality star released her line of trainers which immediately caused an increase in sales with a total of 7.3 %. Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have consistently sold out every item they have released, currently identified as a threat to other brands.



Kylie Jenner Puma trainers

Puma strategically signed two of the biggest influential figures in today’s generation but will Puma keep up the momentum?



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