Two Pieces.


Crop Top: Asos  Trousers: Primark  Ankle boots: Aldo  Clutch: Miss Selfridge

I’ve been contemplating whether or not to upload the photographs of this outfit only because of the quality. Unfortunately, the images were taken on my iPhone and not a professional camera. The reason for uploading this is mainly because many loved this outfit when it was first uploaded on my instagram (_Raissacoulibaly) and frankly so do I. I just felt like I had to show you all where everything was purchased from! Honestly, this was my first time wearing these trousers after having it in my wardrobe for a year now. The fit I believed was all wrong however I had an idea of pulling them up in order to turn them into slightly cropped trousers. Sporting the trousers with a matching crop top was essential as it completed the outfit perfectly as well as the ankle boots. Now those boots?  They just gave me lifeeeee immediately. My mum surprised me with them and honestly, she knows what I like and hate. Perks of having a stylish mother right?

P.s the weather was having mood swings that day, hence why the lighting in the photograph is not consistent.




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