Chokers and Across The Shoulder Tops.



Top: Bershka   Choker: Asos

Hello Guys,

Guess the item that is now taking over this summer trend? Chokers! We have witnessed numerous celebrities from the likes of Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner and much more sport the trendy and diverse item in their own personal ways. With the developments and changes in fashion, it is no longer specifically associated with goths but anyone can now sport it.

They are strongly recommended for all to purchase this summer. Not only are they available in numerous materials such as lace, silk and velvet but work perfectly for all types of outfits. Now, due to my obsession with chokers, I have sported this item with a white across the shoulder top and denim jeans in order to create a cute flirty outfit for a quick night out with my cousins. The white top and and jeans create a clean look so by adding white superstars, it completes the look and the choker adds a bit of colour to it.

Thank you!

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