Jumpsuits & Ankle Boots



It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded something but that’s mainly because I’ve been occupied at work and honestly, I’ve been waiting for the Beauty In Black exhibition before uploading. Not only was I going to the BeautyInBlack exhibition but after that, I attended the InBloom party so it was quite a busy day. For the day, I wore this Missguided jumpsuit with black patent boots, gold watch and earrings. Firstly, this jumpsuit is so comfortable to wear! I was able to move and dance as much as I liked, trust me I wasn’t expecting that either but the fact that it’s also figure hugging makes it 100 x better! I love outfits that compliment my figure. I recommend all of you to get thissss, its worth it!

Even more, I will be posting a review on the #BeautyInBlack exhibition by Dazhane Leah that took place in Shoreditch. It will be uploaded very soon so keep an eye on that!

Thank you x


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