Raissa Coulibaly x Carla Aurelie

img_0353img_0355img_0377img_0390img_0419      Bodysuit: Primark   |   Skirt: H&M   |    Jacket: New Look   |    Shoes: Solewish


img_0341-1img_0345img_0393img_0413Top: Bershka   | Trousers: Bershka |  Jacket: Pull & Bear   | Shoes: Ego

Now this is different to any other post that I have ever done. Why? Well its a collaboration with another blogger/youtuber that goes by the name Carla Aurelie.

Guys when I say this girl is a character, it’s unbelievable. I think you’ll only understand once you watch her youtube videos, she’s hilarious. Fairly new to youtube, she currently has over 100 subscribers, more than 3000 views on her videos and several comments from others admiring both her style and personality.

What’s even better about it all is that we’re family! We decided to collaborate and take advantage of this moment since we haven’t seen each other in yearsss. So we met up, went out to eat and literally had a fun day out!

For this reason, my attire had to be just right! I wanted it to be comfortable, simple but also cute at the same time which is why I went for a bodysuit with a midi skirt, khaki coat and matching heeled boots from Solewish. Guys I really want more of these heels but damn they hurt lmfao. I recommend purchasing some insoles for them because they are some killer heels.

I’ve honestly come to the conclusion that these heels are for image, nothing else! Trying to sell us dreams.

Either way do check out my girls social media sites and YouTube channel, I promise you’ll love it!

Twitter: Carlaurelie

Instagram: Carlaaurelie

YouTube: Carla Aurelie

Website: https://theaurelieway.squarespace.com


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Instagram: Theraissacoulibaly

Twitter: _Mscoulibaly


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