Travel Diaries: Morocco

Last summer, a group of friends and I decided to go on a little holiday to Morocco! During my time in the country; I was able to learn a lot about their culture, visit such stunning places and do what I do best, eat. I honestly enjoyed every part of my vacation, very honoured to have captured the places I have visited and my experience in Morocco.

I hope you like the photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!




How To Wear A Jumpsuit !


Jumpsuit – Asos            Glasses – Walthamstow Mall            Trainers – Sports Direct

Choker – Asos                       Necklace – New Look

Hi loves,

I know its been a while since I’ve made a blog post but I’ve honestly been so busy! I’m constantly working which is tiring the hell out of me, writing for Yahoo Style and Solewish as well adds on to the stress as I’m trying my best to balance everything. I don’t know how our parents manage balance everything and make it look easy, honestly! On top of it all, I’m trying to go to the gym as often as I can which knocks me out immediately.

Its life though right? Just have to learn to manage it all and find a way to make it work for me which is something I’m trying to do now!

Enough of that though, it’s time to go back to the topic. My mum treated me to a nice day out the other day in Oxford Street where we were able to do some shoppinggg. Now everyone knows, shopping with your mum is the best as you can literally buy as many things as you want! So obviously for this reason, I had to make sure I looked cute and take advantage of the day by taking photographs for this blog. When I say I was receiving so many compliments on this outfit, had people ask where the jumpsuit was from etc. The way I kept grinning from ear to ear lmfao. The fit is amazing, I love the colour, it’s so comfortable and it was definitely worth £40! It was only right to match it with my pink choker and grey and pink trainers for it to compliment the look.

Wait we can’t forget about the glasses though, are they not stunning?! I bought two for £20 and lord they are worth it!

Raissa Coulibaly x

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#BeautyInBlack Exhibition

Hi everyone,

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, this specific post is mainly about the BeautyInBlack exhibition by Dazhane Leah. For those who aren’t currently aware of who she may be, well let me just elaborate.

Dazhane Leah is a fashion blogger and photographer that is taking over all social media networks with her impeccable style and eye for detail. She is now recognised as the individual whose photography was featured on numerous media publications such as Essence Magazine, BBC, Elle Brazil, BlackBeauty et al. The photographs that permitted us all to mainly understand just how talented she is was the images that celebrated natural hair. Dazhane took advantage of the double exposure technique as she inserted flowers in afros, creating a breathtaking photo series that was considered as “the best spring natural hairstyles ever” by Essence. So when I found out she was having her first exhibition, it was only right to attend and witness the magic for myself. 

Now, not only did the exhibition feature Dazhane leah but also By Afrique, Sarah Owusu, Erin, Biher Tewelde, Adaeze, Efe, Sirious Film and Timothy Gaudencio. A talented bunch right?

The entertainers of the night

Unfortunately, I was late to the exhibition so was kind of unable to witness all of the performers of night. I did however get the opportunity to witness Nego True do his thing!

img_9903[Insta: Negotrue]

It was my first time seeing him live and I just want to say this man is amazing! For those who aren’t aware of him, he does spoken word and is truly very inspirational. The work of Nego True permits you to reflect on your actions and life, speaking on issues that we face today both individually and as a community. You see how his name is Nego True? Well he speaks the truth alright!

Definitely one of my favourites of the night. I recommend watching his videos on Youtube if you haven’t already and just wait to be amazed.


[Insta: Edsunmusic]

Now this man here is a very unique performer! When Dazhane first introduced Edsun, he walked past the crowd of people to the middle of the floor with no shoes on and looked like he was already in action. At first I thought he was going to be doing some sort of contemporary dance but nooooo, he started singing and oh yes he can! Edsun is definitely different from all the other artists that I have recently seen. He has a different sound and basically gives you a show. Like a true performer that he is, Edsun never broke out of character and interacted with the audience when necessary. I’m telling you now keep an eye on this individual, he is definitely on the rise!

Overall, I enjoyed myself and would attend another event Dazhane throws!

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